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grapeseeker:UNTOUCHED presents CULINARY FLAIR

grapeseeker:UNTOUCHED presents CULINARY FLAIR
A behind the scenes look at a tabletop spot
Yesterday we produced a tabletop spot for Culinary Flair. Check it out and post your comments!>
23 Sep 2010 - 06:12 by Grapeseeker News Grapeseeker News | comments (581)

I had a pretty good bugerr at the ESPN resteraunt at Disney but the best bugerrs ever are the ones I grill. I like to start with a large onion seseme soft roll. The bugerrs are usually a liile more than a 1/3 lb of corn fed beef, I prefer the 85% lean because the extra fat keeps the bugerr juicy. I cook them on a medium heat and like them done but not burnt. Just a faint touch of pink in the middle. I usually add a little grilling spices that are meant for steaks and sometimes I add a little honey smoked barbeque sauce, When the bugerr is ready I let it rest for a couple of minutes while I prepare the bun. My favorite is a very thin slice of raw onion, a very thin slice of tomato, some fresh cucumber, three thick slices of bacon, and lots of blue cheese. Add a cherry coke and the meal is great. Enjoy with a couple of granddaughters and the meal is perfect.I enjoy reading your blog. Skype me some day soon so I can see how much weight you have been gaining from all of the fabulous meals.I love you,Grandpa
by Amar on 16 Jul 2012 - 12:34
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by wluyhg on 19 Jul 2012 - 05:52
Hi Simon,We read your blog daily; Keeps us informed of your’s and Nick’s work and your progress on the studio. Thanks for this blog. Studio space looks great! Looking forward to getting to Montreal & seeing it. Congratulations!Your Winnipeg fan club,Mike & Mimi Mirus<br /><br />
by Krystal on 19 Jul 2012 - 23:48
Henrique, eu acho que o filho da Shirley nao foi chato, chato é ela mesma que de tanto falar fez com que o filho nao fosse do Chang.Eu tenho que discordar e dizer que a loucura do Sr Chang só não melhor que a do Dean.<br /><br />
by Hester on 26 Jul 2012 - 02:10
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