Body shaping with Operation Body Freedom

Grapeseeker shot the video for "Operation Body Freedom" by Jermaine Johnson, and it is truly amazing to see how you can get into shape just by using you, your body. Jermaine Johnson takes you on a journey that will have you sweating and targeting those key areas of your body in no time. Currently, we are in post production of this great workout video, and yes you will feel the burn when doing these exercises!

For the production of this video the Canon DSLR's were in full swing. We used the 5D MarkII with a Canon 24-70 L Series 2.8, Canon 7D with a ZEISS ZF 25mm 2.8 with a NOVOFLEX adapter, the ATLAS 30 by CINEVATE, and lighting by Kino FLo and Alzo Video lighting. The crew was phenomenal as well with Sergio Briones (co-director), David Lozano (FULL SAIL graduate and extraordinary audio guy), and the invaluable Jemikal Futch!

Stay tuned for Jermaine Johnson's Operation Body Freedom!

26 Jul 2011 - 09:12 by Grapeseeker News Grapeseeker News | comments (127697)
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